"I've always loved being able to take a raw piece of lumber and turn it into something beautiful." - David Van Schie, Innovative Wood Worx Owner

Innovative Wood Worx owner David Van Schie is a born builder who has been working on homes since he was old enough to swing a hammer. As a boy he helped around his dad's roofing business before discovering his true passion for fine woodworking in his teens. In high school, you couldn't pull David away from the wood shop. He advanced from building bird houses, to bookshelves and, for his year-end project, he hand-crafted a complete cedar strip canoe that he still uses today. His uncle David Edwards (or "Big Dave" as the aspiring woodworker used to call him) runs a custom wood cabinet shop in Toronto and hired "Little Dave" to work there in the summers until he finished school and started a full-time woodworking job in his home town of Barrie. David had the opportunity to be mentored by many amazing woodworkers over the next decade and in 2012 he opened his own shop in Barrie's south end. The small operation — just David and two employees — allows him to work directly with clients through the entire design and building process.

Talk to David for your next home improvement project. Whether it's a murphy bed for your guest room or an island in the kitchen, David will help you get the custom look you want.

David Van Schie, david@inwoodworx.ca